Winter Season: Awaken dormant energy + recharge your practice with Yin Yoga and soups.

The butterfly pose: hip and back opener to help balance energy and nourish your Qi (life essence).

Winter time may be a time of hibernation and quiet reflection, which can result in physical stagnation, foggy fatigue, and a sluggish immune system. Our aim is to turn this physical stagnation into nourishing the kidney and urinary bladder organs to result in quiet reflection, but with Qi that circulates to revitalize and nourish.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is the perfect illustration of the water element in flow. It is restful, cooling, meditative and releases tension from the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

Lengthening, elongating, releasing and unblocking connective tissues( the basic building block of fascia), promotes the flow of energy, prana or Qi through the body, replenishing and rejuvenating cells and tissues.

Nourish Yourself

Winter is the most Yin of all seasons. Its energy is dark, slow and inward. We observe this in nature as well, as the earth is still and quiet- plants and trees lie dormants and animals hibernate to replenish their energy and rest. We too may feel physically stagnant, and gravitate toward retreating, yet our Yin Yoga practice can replenish and revitalize the body and the mind and find harmony in this cold, dark season.

By doing Yin Yoga we will nurture our Yin side- think yielding, surrendering and being to maintain harmony with the cycles of nature. By taking extra time in our busy Yang-like schedules to rest, go to bed early and get adequate sleep is fundamental to avoid depleting ourselves. We can also nurture ourselves and our kidneys by having lots of bone broths (veggie broths are good too), soups and stews that warm the digestive organs and are easier to digest when our digestive fire may be a bit weak in the winter. Warm up as well with some hot lemon, honey and grated ginger tonic to boost your immune system and ignite your digestive fire.

Yin Yoga will nourish our Qi with long held (2-3 minutes) poses that not only nourish our physical bodies, but calm our nervous system and restore our inner peace.

Yin Yoga with Iva every Thursday 7:30-8:30 pm CST @PracticeYoga (zoom) Friday 4-5 pm CST @Bfree Yoga Austin digital + in person

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