Iva Drtina-Hall 

Iva’s way is to be able to help initiate the process of transformation within every student. Her interest in health, nutrition and alternative medicine began when she studied Physiology and Health Management at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Ivas extensive travels throughout Asia, North  America, Europe and Australia had broadened her view of different cultures, philosophies and traditions. She spent many years living and working in Japan, teaching cross cultural awareness, running a cafe-lounge with her husband in Tokyo and teaching Yoga. Her experiences and her studies opened the doors to many new healing modalities such as fasting, cleansing, vipassana meditation  and Ayurveda, which she incorporates into her yoga and meditation classes, workshops and retreats in India, Japan, Bali and the US. She completed her Yoga Arts Teacher Training in 2002 in Byron Bay, Australia and is certified under Yoga Alliance. She has been teaching in San Francisco, Japan and Austin focusing primarily on Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga. She has completed a Yin Training with Bernie Clark and has studied under great teachers *Paul Grilley, Sarah Powers, Donna Farhi, Bryan Best, Rusty Wells. She has developed her own Yin Training, and her knowledge of Ayurveda- the ancient art of healing; allows her to guide students to uncover the wisdom of their own way- their own transformation. Iva hosts retreats and workshops internationally as well as facilitating on teacher training programs in Austin, Hawaii, Bali, India and Japan.


 My daughter, Adriene (Yoga With Adriene) introduced me to Iva Drtina's class, a year and half ago by telling me that she considered Iva as a mentor. Today, after consistently taking Iva's yoga classes at Bfree yoga for over a year, I consider Iva my mentor, too. What distinguishes Iva's instruction, facilitation and teaching of yoga, is her depth of knowledge, her integrity to the practice and the manner in which she prepares and always delivers!   I truly love her classes and highly recommend her for anyone wanting to experience excellence, elegance and empowerment!

Melba Martinez, PhD 11/16/2018

Bfree Yoga Austin, Texas

I have met Iva in Hawaii. She thought me clearly that yoga is not just stretching your body, it is to connect the body and mind and to listen your inner voice (self-awareness).
Her voice is sweet and she believes in every student she teaches, and she fines sparkles in them and let them to find it by themselves. I have learn that not only how to be a yoga teacher but also how to be better human in this teacher training.

After 2years later I went her Workshop. All the memory in Hawaii flushed back to me.
In the workshop Iva come to me and give me advice which I really needed.

There are many teachers training class and it depends on who you learn from.
I am glad I was trained by my great teacher, Iva. I love her so mush!


Ose Mori 12/01/2018

Tokyo, Japan

私とイヴァの出会いはハワイでした。ヨガはただのスト レッチではなく心と体を繋げるもの、内側に意識を向ける ことを明確に教えてくれたのがイヴァです。優しい声、常 にいい部分を伸ばし可能性を信じて接してくれるイヴァの ティーチャートレーニングは、ヨガのインストラクターに なるというだけではなく人としてどうあるべきかを考える

とても大切な時間となりました。2年ぶりにワークショッ プに参加すると、一瞬でハワイの時間に戻ることができま した。イヴァは私に必要なものをすっと伝えてくれ心に響 くアドバイスをくれました。ティーチャートレーニング は、誰から学ぶかでその後の人生を大きく変えると思いま す。常に気づきを与えてくださるイヴァは私にとって最高 の恩師であり、これからもずっと大好きです。 もりおーせ

It was not only the RYT 200 qualification that has been obtained in a 3-week TT.
It was also a time to learn the wisdom to live, and to understand the difficulty of living together, the importance of recognizing, and the meaning of engaging with people. Everybody was working hard to have a good time.

What I learned from Iva was not only yoga.
I value people and learn the greatness of delivering love.

I may not be a wonderful yoga teacher like Iva Sensei, but as a human being, I want to be able to convey important things in my own actions. I want to live every day carefully, not forgetting that.

I am sincerely grateful. I want to meet you again! Thank you so much 💜 💜 💜 .

Sincerely yours Yuki Takadama

I have learned many things from this course.
Throughout the TT course, IVA teacher had been a very respect the individuality of each student.
And everyone had kept a good relationship.
It is as though watched over the children.

The significance of that connecting the mind and body, it gives us awareness through daily practice. I was able to realize splendor of yoga, "This is yoga."
I finished the course, I would like to give the health and courage of the people through yoga

Hiroko Shindome : Hawaii TT August 2014

そこには多くの学びがありました。 TTコース全体を通して、一人ひとりの個性を尊重したIva先生のリレーションシップは、

個々人の気付きに粘り強く寄り添い、見守り続けてくれる。それはまるで愛する子供達を見守 るかのように慈愛に満ちています。 心と体、心と心を繋ぐことの意義を、毎日のプラクティスを通して気付きを与えてくれる。 「これがヨガなのか」と、改めてヨガの素晴らしさを実感しました。 コースを修了した今、ヨガを通して周りの人々を元気や勇気付けられるような存在であり続け たいと思います。

Iva invited me to India, and 10 years have passed after I went to India on the first time.
I'm surprised that I go every year, because I don't speak English yet.

The location is the island which floats in the big river. Yoga of Iva in every morning(on lawn) & every evening. Treatment which melts in the morning & the afternoon. The meal which is good and safe so that I eat too much.(I didn't have stomach trouble!)

We sometimes put a saree on,go to a shopping,and go to meditation on the beach....

Time when only the purpose is really luxurious. Purge of the soul level♡

Then I looked back, I was changing with various experience here in the good direction one after another.

Ayurveda・Yoga・Iva・ wonderful !!!
I want everybody to experience so wonderful experience by

all means,too.

Tomoko Yamaguchi 11/20/2018
Tokyo, Japan

Ivaに誘われて初めてインドに行ってからもう10年。 未だに英語もしゃべれない私が、まさか毎年行くようになる とは...?!? 大きな川の中に浮かぶ島の中というロケーション。 朝(は芝生の上で)と夕方のIvaのヨガ。 午前・午後のとろけるトリートメント。 食べすぎてしまうくらい美味しく安全な食事。 (お腹をこわした事はありません!) 時にはサリーを着せてもらったり、 ショッピングに行ったり、

ビーチに瞑想に行ったり...。 本当に自分のためだけの贅沢な時間。
魂レベルの浄化♡ ここでの様々な経験で、ふり向いたら自分がどんどん良い方 向に変わっていました。 アーユルヴェーダ・ヨガ・Iva・インドすごいです!!! こんなに素晴らしい経験をぜひ皆さまにも体験してほしいで